Biomineralization, Biocrystallization

and Biological calcifications

* Biomineralization, Biocrystallization: The Major Link between Life and Geosphere
The Calcified Biominerals in Earth-Science Research

* BIOCALC: Calcareous Biocrystals, ESF EuroMinSci EUROCORES project, project leader J.P. CUIF, UMR IDES (now closed)

* BIOCRISTAL : Calcareous Biocrystallization, ANR project, project leader Y. DAUPHIN, UMR IDES (now closed)

* MONOPOLY : Mineral-Organic Nanostructures Organized in POLYmersomes, ANR project (PNano), project leader P. GUENOUN, LIONS  CEA Saclay  (now closed)

MOHMIE : Modern Human installation in Morocco Influence on the small terrestrial vertebrate biodiversity and Evolution, ANR project (6è extinction), project leader C. DENYS (MNHN, UMR OSEB) 

* 3D-PtyCCoBio : Three-dimensional Ptychography for Crystal Coherence analysis in calcareous Biominerals (ANR project), project leader V. Chamard (Institut Fresnel Marseille) 

* ADEQUA : Amélioration de la qualité des perles - progamme de recherche du Ministère des ressources marines en Polynésie française (Service de la Perliculture) (closed)

* Actions Transversales du Museum (ATM)

* GDR TAPHENA : dir J. P. Brugal, UMR LAMPEA

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